Advanced Energy Industries Announces Expanded and Enhanced Solutions for Utility-Scale PV Installations

Jun 11, 2015 2:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

FORT COLLINS, Colo., June 11, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. (Nasdaq:AEIS), a leader in precision power conversion solutions, announces its expanded and enhanced suite of utility-scale solutions, enabling best-in-class LCOE, and anticipating evolving utility requirements with powerful grid-management features.

"AE is recognized as an innovation leader in utility-scale inverter technologies, and we are excited to expand on our field-proven NX product line," said Norbert Apfel, senior vice president of inverter products at Advanced Energy. "The new 1100NX model offers additional active power production for broader plant optimization, and is available in a new fully integrated and cost-optimized DC-to-medium-voltage solution, up to 2.2 MW in capacity. In addition, these solutions have expanded utility control capabilities for seamless integration with emerging CPUC and IEEE-1547 requirements. These solutions will provide lower overall system costs and improve energy harvest potential."

To the widely adopted 1000NX inverter platform, AE adds the 1100NX model, with a full 1100 kW/kVA capacity output. This allows project designers to optimize for seasonal voltage support requirements, as well as additional overdrive capabilities, for energy harvest, PM activities and AC collection system losses.

With significantly reduced DC homerun wiring and project installation costs, the ±1000 VDC bipolar AE 1000NX/1100NX topology enables larger block sizes versus comparable monopolar applications. The redesigned PowerStationTM system, with standardized blocks up to 2.2 MW each, combines inverters, a medium-voltage transformer with integrated secondary side fusing, auxiliary power, a central communications cabinet and other custom components—all pre-wired and factory-tested on a single skid. This convenient and cost-optimized concrete design reduces the cost and complexity of engineering, on-site labor and installation. In addition, a new AC combiner protection solution can link up to three inverters to further increase potential block size, which reduces AC collection system costs and lowers expenditures on foundations, crane picks and other installation requirements.

AE's enhanced product suite for utility-scale installations also enables compliance with updates to IEEE 1547, CPUC rule 21 and other emerging requirements. It is backed by AE's premier application and maintenance network, with standard and extended warranty options, plus available SiteGuard® maintenance services.

For more information about AE's enhanced inverter solutions for utility-scale projects, contact AE at +1.970.221.4670 or visit

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