Advanced Energy Powers Innovations With FusionOps

Jan 13, 2016 9:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

Supply Chain Analytics Platform Instrumental in Helping Significantly Reduce Inventory Loss

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- FusionOps, the provider of the supply chain intelligence cloud, announced Advanced Energy, the leader in precision power conversion, is on track to reduce inventory by a few million dollars as a direct result of taking actions from insights obtained from FusionOps. Advanced Energy selected FusionOps as their supply chain analytics solution to gain better insights and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) critical for driving operational excellence across their business. FusionOps offers a supply chain intelligence cloud that transforms data into actionable information to drive cost reduction, revenue growth and service level improvement.

“With our investment in supply chain management technologies, especially FusionOps, we have been able to accurately diagnose root cause issues and detect problems as well as opportunities at each step in our global supply chain,” said Rajeev Ankireddypalli, Vice President of Information Technology at Advanced Energy. “The insights we gain from the FusionOps dashboards give us confidence in the critical decisions that ultimately drive our business success.”

Empowering Better Decision Making

Advanced Energy provides an essential link in the manufacturing of applications and tools that consumers interact with every day - from industrial power, medical diagnostics and treatment, and analytical equipment to aerospace and defense and homeland security technology. Fine-tuning and optimizing forecasting accuracy to improve fulfillment has historically been a complex exercise that required a team of IT and business analysts to dedicate months to deciphering data and creating reports. Because the business is constantly moving, these reports were more backwards looking than a representative of the current state. IT introduced FusionOps as part of an initiative to arm its business leaders with direct and immediate access to information that would allow better decision making and more confidence in production planning.

FusionOps changed the entire dynamic for Advanced Energy by providing a window into real-time, end-to-end operations of its supply chain and by eliminating unproductive time spent by IT on report building. The visualization and data science that make up the FusionOps platform results in improved business insights and accurate metrics. It has also allowed for limited IT resources to now be re-focused on strategic initiatives critical to the company welfare.

One Source of Truth from Prospect to Fulfillment

Advanced Energy relies on industry leading applications like for sales forecasting and SAP for transaction processing. To have a complete view of the performance of its end-to-end operations, it needs the data in these stand-alone applications to be unified, analyzed and presented within a cohesive single platform. In the past, tapping into these information sources would require custom work done by a team of people using business intelligence tools that could take months. Unlike this laborious and expensive approach, Advanced Energy was able to unify all its ERP and application data sources with the FusionOps platform in a matter of weeks to gain a crystal clear view of the state-of-operations and to have confidence in its decision-making process across its organization.

Added Ankireddypalli, “FusionOps is a one stop shop for supply chain information. We rely on it to show our key supply chain metrics to our C-level and senior management team and it is also utilized by teams for tactical operations on our factory floor.”

Information, Root Cause, and Ease of Operation Lead to Better Insights

FusionOps infographics presentation of operations makes it easy for any business manager or C-suite executive to gain insights that drive business strategy and planning. In the case of Advanced Energy, it has meant the ability to compare their factory performance on a global scale, do cost-analysis and run specific calculations on the data in an instant. Critical insights to identify and remedy risk and discover opportunities for forecast improvement have led to significantly reduced inventory without impacting service levels.

“Advanced Energy exemplifies the new generation of data-driven companies that are leveraging cloud and domain-specific information platforms to optimize business operations and ultimately deliver better ROI for customers, partners, and shareholders,” said Gary Meyers, CEO of FusionOps. “We believe there are endless possibilities for our clients to discover and utilize information to help them better manage risk and drive operational excellence throughout their organization.”

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